What can you expect from the Wellpepper blog?

We’re not physical therapists. We’re working with some great ones, and with some university researchers, but we are software people.

With that in mind, here are some of the topics we’re planning to blog about

  • Mobile healthcare and healthcare technology
  • Behavior change and motivation
  • Games for health
  • Gesture and gaming technology
  • Wellpepper product development
  • Wellpepper news
  • Best practices for using Wellpepper and any findings from our research
  • General exercise and physical therapy news
  • Strategies for improving client exercise compliance
  • Customer profiles

We will occasionally have guest blogger posts from our physical therapy, chiropractic, and researcher clients and partners which will be more technical in nature on the practice of rehabilitation, but this won’t be a blog for in-depth study of the field. There are lots of people who can do a much better job of that!

We hope you’ll find something of interest and start a dialog with us here on this blog.

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