Value & Outcomes

Delivering Value & Outcomes

The new patient experience is about meeting people where they are to help them achieve better outcomes. We’re living our lives digitally, and we can manage our healthcare as well. With over 70% patient engagement, Wellpepper enables you to deliver consumer-like digital patient experiences that deliver real value. By breaking down complex instructions into actionable building blocks, Wellpepper enables patients to self-manage and get better outcomes. We deliver these experiences to patients through voice, web, and mobile.

Leading healthcare organizations choose Wellpepper to deliver:

Increased patient satisfaction & improved patient outcomes

  • Provide support outside the clinic: 9/10 patient satisfaction in 1-year randomized control trial
  • Patients who follow care plans have reduced complications: Fewer ED visits and hospital admissions in clinical trial

Lower costs of care

  • Prevent readmissions: Rules-based alerting identifies patients at 3 times greater risk of readmissions
  • Single standardized system: Consistent care plans across different providers and organizations ensure dissemination of best practices for better outcomes and lower costs.

Increased access to care

  • Find the right patients to see: Machine-learning message classifiers identify patients that need more support