This month [May] in Telemedicine

American Telemedicine Association: This month [May] in Telemedicine
June 2, 2015

Gary Capistrant, Chief Policy Officer, American Telemedicine Association
Jonathan Linkous, CEO, American Telemedicine Association

John commenting on the heat in Washington, D.C.

John commenting on the heat in Washington, D.C.

The annual ATA conference in LA last month had the largest attendance rate that ATA has seen in 20 years. It featured over 500 presentations; the video recordings of every presentation is available for purchase. Our own Wellpepper CEO, Anne Weiler, went to the conference and you can read her blog here. Also in May there were some big changes at ATA; a new president, new officers and members of the board of directors were elected. Their backgrounds are all impressive, thank goodness because we need them!

Telehealth’s exceeding advantages in both entrepreneurial and patient health naturally have lead to several new organizations popping up every year (or every month it seems) that use clinical consultations over the internet/phone. And where there is money to be made and quite literally lives at stake, legality is involved. The Texas medical board ruling prohibiting use of telehealth without previous relationship with patient, or a healthcare professional being present with patient when telehealth is being utilized (Huh, how is that telehealth?) lead to Teladoc filing a lawsuit against TX. Consequentially last Friday the Federal court ‘temporarily’ stopped TX medical board ruling. With that said ATA provides accreditation for online consultation sites to make sure sites are open/transparent, adherence to all relevant laws and regulations and promotes patient safety; however Teladoc isn’t accredited by ATA.

For those of us waiting for a particular practice guideline from ATA, there are now 10-12 Telehealth practice guidelines available on the ATA website and six active workgroups are under development; Teleburns, teledermatology, child mental health, general pediatrics, remote health and data management and telestroke. Please contact ATA if you would like to be involved in a workgroup, it is practicing professionals like you that make these guidelines viable.

If your state has a Telemedicine Parity Law, kudos, but 23 still do not. To be positive, we are getting there, a new milestone was achieved in the laws; Minnesota, Nevada and Indiana this week alone have added their own parity laws. Also in state news ATA added the highly awaited and much needed resource, the ATA State Telemedicine toolkit titled “Working with Medical Boards: Ensuring Comparable Standards for the Practice of Medicine via Telemedicine”. Again this is a call for involvement!

Congress or digress? The three letter difference is slight! But hey three new bills were introduced to Congress since the last webcast that will be interesting to watch; Telehealth Enhancement Act 2015, Amendment to Social Security Act to expand access to telehealth stroke services under Medicaid, and the VETS Act of 2015. The VETS Act of 2015 would permit U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs health professionals to treat veterans nationwide with a single state license. I cannot help but speculate the motives of introducing this bill; are they using the VA as a pilot for licensure compacts for ‘civilian’ physicians, etc.? Let’s hope so and more importantly I hope it goes well and only reaps benefits.

The announcement of a new Distance Learning and Telemedicine Grant from the USDA was mentioned and I wanted to make note of it in case any of our readers qualify. Please check it out here.

The next ‘This month in Telemedicine’ will be announced shortly on the ATA website and as always is free to watch.

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