The Truth About Sitting

I came across this infographic the other day while participating in the weekly #healthtalk tweetchat and I can tell you the stats make me a little uneasy. I would say that Wellpepper is quite an active crew. We all run regularly and participate in team sports such as ultimate and softball. We even moved our Friday meeting outdoors and did a walking/hiking meeting.  However, because of the nature of the software business, we also spend a ton of time sitting with our laptops.

Today I challenge myself and my Wellpepper co-workers to get up and move 10 minutes out of every hour during the workday. We might need to break out the timers and get a little creative with our activities – but we need to find a way to move and break up those long sitting periods.

What are some of the things you do to keep moving throughout the day?

Sitting is Killing You

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  1. Wistar Kay May 16, 2013

    As one who has had to deal with issues related to sitting too much, I love this page on your website!

    I trained in modern dance in college and married my dance partner so when my hips started to stiffen in my 50’s, it was a crises, and totally attributable to sitting too much at a computer! Gyrotonics, a form of Pilates developed by dancers, has been my salvation. I have friends and relatives in the PT community so your product really resonates for me.

  2. Maddie May 25, 2013

    Very interesting and visual infographic! Since my work has been largely computer-oriented I used to keep sitting for hours and hours. Heck, even my sitting posture was horrible. No wonder I was overweight. It was only after I became health conscious that I started jogging in the morning, doing some strength training & sitting with proper posture. I feel energetic and active all the time now!

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