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This past weekend we participated in the ANCPT 1/2 Marathon “Fun Run” and BBQ in Seattle. This is an annual race put on by Sarah Anderson and Noal Cattone for their physical therapy clients. Sarah and Noal were our earliest early adopters at Wellpepper and we were happy when they invited us to the event. (We did try to explain that “fun run” usually means 5K but Noal and Sarah are also ultra-marathoners so I guess 13.1 miles is fun compared to 50 miles.)

The Urban Trail 1/2 Marathon Fun Run Route

The Urban Trail 1/2 Marathon Fun Run Route

The event was billed as an “urban trail run” and the course wound its way from park to forest to ravine throughout Seattle. It was well marked and had volunteer aid stations. We did get lost a couple of times but that was part of the fun. With the exception of the Wellpepper representation, all the participants were former or current clients of Noal and Sarah. One runner asked us what our injuries were. Luckily we don’t really have any yet.

After the run there was a rooftop barbecue with fun prizes, like for the oldest participant and the best cadence. The race awards were handed out onsite and the winning time was something like 1 hour 35 minutes by a very tall and lean guy. At the barbecue, many of the participants knew each other from previous races or events that Noal and Sarah have put on, and everyone was extremely friendly. (We even received an offer of startup advice from a veteran entrepreneur who is one of their clients.) We were also really happy to talk with end-users who loved how Wellpepper helped them remember to do their exercises. How many physical therapy clinics can say they’ve built this type of community around their practices?

Rocking some swag at the BBQ

Rocking some swag at the BBQ

We write a lot on this blog about physical therapy marketing. Sarah and Noal are naturals. Yes, they fully admit their website could use some love. However, they are experts in client engagement. Their business is 100% based on referrals from clients and they are always booked for months. Their clients will run 13.1 miles for them, and want to hang out with them on a sunny Saturday afternoon. They had been looking for a solution like Wellpepper to engage their clients between visits long before we met them (from a referral from another client who loves them). They have provided us with amazing feedback to help us build out the product.

Oh, and it turns out that a 1/2 marathon can be fun. We had an amazing time on route and after, and weren’t even sore after. That’s how good Sarah and Noal are.

Sarah Anderson and Noal Cattone

Noal Cattone and Sarah Anderson


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  1. Ann Anderson August 29, 2013

    Loved your comments – we are very proud of Sarah & Noal – I am looking forward to participating next year!!

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