Technical Overview

Wellpepper Technical Overview

Wellpepper is a flexible and interoperable HIPAA-compliant cloud-service hosted on Amazon Web Services running in a Private Virtual Cloud. Wellpepper’s unique architecture enables support for any type of care plan, and user experiences can include SMS, web, email, native mobile, and soon voice.

User Components

  • Patient application which runs on iOS, Android, and through a web interface. Patients use this to access their care plan, record results, and communicate with their care plan.
  • Clinical iOS application which is designed for an iPad.
  • Web portal for clinical and administrative access.

Platform Components

Wellpepper digital treatment plans are created from task-building blocks that can be combined in any manner to create virtually any type of care plan. Treatment plans can also These are referred to as protocols. Protocols can be customized to the needs of your organization and personalized for patients.

Secure Messaging System 
Patented Adaptive Notifications
Protocol Template System
Task Building Blocks

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Reporting & Analytics
Integration Interfaces
Authentication System

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All information transmitted through Wellpepper is encrypted in transit and at rest and nothing is stored on the devices. All data encrypted on the disk using AES256 encryption. Additionally, PHI fields are separately encrypted at the application layer using a different AES-256 key. Wellpepper will sign a BAA with your organization to protect your data.

EMR Integration

To get up and running quickly, Wellpepper can run in standalone mode. However, when you are ready to integrate with your EMR, Wellpepper has many flexible options including:

  • HL-7 CCD or flat file export of Wellpepper patient care plan for attaching to patient record in EMR
  • ADT feed integration for adding patient to Wellpepper, or updating information in Wellpepper like surgery date or appointment schedule
  • Discrete data field integration for patient-generated data elements
  • Messaging integration
  • Portal interface integration


Wellpepper is a software as a service application licensed with an annual subscription based on the number of users at your organization. You can use Wellpepper with unlimited patients and treatment plans, and it is free for patients. Contact Wellpepper for a quote.