Outcome Surveys

Outcome Surveys

Patient-reported outcome surveys (PROs) need to be easy complete and provide instant feedback, as well as enable patients to track results over time. Too often patients are asked to complete outcome surveys without understanding why, and without ever seeing the results.

Wellpepper’s outcome surveys enable patients to conveniently complete outcome surveys by smartphone, tablet, or desktop in a matter of minutes and track progress over time. Helpful reminders adapt to the patient’s behavior and an easy-to-use interface ensures higher completion rates and an effortless experience for the patient. Our dashboards enable hospital administrators and physicians to compare patient results by physician and by patient demographics.

Wellpepper outcomes can be deployed standalone, often as the first part of a larger roll-out of interactive digital care plans. You can get up and running quickly with no IT overhead.

We currently support the following patient-reported outcome surveys, and new or custom surveys can easily be added for your specific needs:


User Components

  • Patient application which runs on iOS, Android, and through a web interface. Patients use this to access their care plan, record results, and communicate with their care provider.
  • Clinical iOS application which is designed for an iPad.
  • Web portal for clinical and administrative access.


Platform Components

Wellpepper digital treatment plans are created from task-building blocks that can be combined in any manner to create virtually any type of care plan. These can be created from our protocol templates or from your best instructions and protocols.



All information transmitted through Wellpepper is encrypted in transit and at rest and nothing is stored on the devices. All data encrypted on the disk using AES256 encryption. Additionally, PHI fields are separately encrypted at the application layer using a different AES256 key. Wellpepper will sign a BAA with your organization to protect your data.


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We currently support the following patient-reported outcome surveys, but new or custom surveys can easily be added for your specific needs:

  • Oswestry (ODI)
  • NDI
  • VR-12
  • PROMIS-10
  • PHQ-9
  • PHQ-2
  • SF-36 (v1)
  • Penn Shoulder
  • Roland-Morris
  • VAS Pain
  • STaRT Back
  • LEFS
  • Others by request and as required by CMS



Outcome Partners


American Joint Replacement Registry