Product Solutions

Request a DemoWellpepper is a platform solution that supports the creation and delivery of highly engaging interactive care plans for patients. Care plans are based on templates or protocols, and can be as simple as a few tasks like tracking pain and pain medication, or comprehensive like those for chronic disease management.

Wellpepper components can be used as a standalone integrated care plan solution, integrated with other systems like medical records, or individually. The entire system is HIPAA-compliant, and we undergo regular internal and external audits to ensure security and compliance.

Care Plan Templates & Building Blocks

Wellpepper’s unique building block-based architecture enables the delivery of any type of patient care plan interaction, and templates can be based on best practices from leading healthcare organizations like Mayo Clinic. Our Professional Services organization can also help you implement care plans based on your own templates. Patient interactions can be delivered through mobile, web, SMS, email, and voice, and can be as simple as a short survey or as comprehensive as a pathway for managing pre and post surgical interactions.

Care Plan Marketplace

The Wellpepper Marketplace offers health systems the choice of best practice care plan templates from leading health systems, like Mayo Clinic and Wellpepper’s out-of-the-box care plan templates. These turnkey solutions enable quick deployment of evidence-based and clinically-validated care plans to improve patient outcomes.

“Wellpepper and Mayo Clinic share a continuous commitment to providing care that ultimately benefits patients,” says Steve Ommen, M.D., interim medical director of  Mayo Clinic Global Business Solutions. “We look forward to the opportunity to share our best practices with other health systems through the Wellpepper platform.”

Messaging System

Wellpepper’s HIPAA-compliant messaging system uses a machine-learned message classifier to identify urgent messages and alert the care team. Messaging can be used standalone, as part of a Wellpepper care plan, or can be integrated with other systems like your EMR. Wellpepper’s analysis shows that enabling patient messaging does not add to your workload as over 98% of patient messages are not urgent, and 70% don’t need a response.

Patients can message 1:1 with their providers or participate in private group chat with other patients who are managing the same challenge.

Notification System

Wellpepper’s patented adaptive notification system  varies the types and delivery of notifications patients receive based on their behavior. For example patients who are adherent to their care plans may receive different types of messages of encouragement than patients who are not adherent. In addition to varying the message text, Wellpepper also varies the message delivery whether that’s an in-app (mobile) or in-skill (voice) notification, SMS, or email.   

Outcome Survey System

Wellpepper can deliver standard patient-reported outcome surveys as part of a care plan, or as a standalone implementation.  They can be delivered to patients via web, mobile, or voice interfaces. We currently support the following patient-reported outcome surveys, but new or custom surveys can easily be added for your specific needs:

  • Oswestry (ODI)
  • NDI
  • VR-12
  • PROMIS-10
  • PHQ-2 & 9
  • SF-36 (v1)
  • Penn Shoulder
  • Roland-Morris
  • VAS Pain
  • STaRT Back
  • LEFS
    Others by request and as required by CMS
EMR Integration

Wellpepper can integrate with your medical records system to ensure a seamless experience for both patients and providers. Some areas we integrate include:

  • Single-sign on for clinicians and patients
  • HL-7/ADT feed integration for onboarding patients
  • HL-7 or direct field integration for including patient-generated data, device data, or outcome scores into the patient record
  • Messaging inbox integration for delivering patient alerts to clinicians
  • Interface integration for Wellpepper clinician tools

Wellpepper has a complete and well-documented API to enable easy extraction of data, and programmatic access to templates and care plans. Our architecture also enables Wellpepper services to be accessed from other applications which enables ease of integration with your overall digital architecture.