Organizational Benefits

Healthcare Organization Benefits

  • Administrative PortalIdentify best practices to standardize care. Use reports on care to compare patient populations, treatment plans, and results by provider to determine best practices to roll-out across your organization.
  • Prevent readmissions and complications. Use predictive analytics and issue tracking to identify patients at risk of complications and readmissions before they return to the hospital or ED.
  • Automated outcome tracking and registry submission. Our patient-centered approach to delivery guarantees better completion rates with no effort from your staff. Automated submission to common registries like AJRR.
  • Use your organization’s protocols. Wellpepper enables you to use your own organization’s protocols for treatment plans. Plans can either be created on the fly by healthcare providers when they are with patients, or send us your task structure and we’ll pre-build protocols so all your staff is working from the standard.
  • Integrate with Electronic Medical Records. Multi-level integration with EMR including flat-file or HL-7 CCD, ADT feed, and discrete field level integration.
  • Get up and running quickly. Our cloud-based service means little set up required by your IT group. Staff training can be done in a 1 hour webinar, and patients need no training at all.