Product & Services

Wellpepper is a comprehensive system for digital patient treatment plans and outcome tracking. What makes Wellpepper different is that treatment plans are based on templates either from a health system’s own best practices or from Wellpepper’s library. These treatment plans can then be personalized for patients, which drives greater accountability and participation in care.

Wellpepper care plans are composed of building blocks representing common tasks in a care plan, like patient education, medication usage, and activity tracking.The flexibility of Wellpepper’s building block and template-based care plans enables the delivery of any type of patient instructions from simple surveys to complex risk-stratified tracking.

Wellpepper is interoperable and can be integrated with popular medical and consumer devices, and other systems like electronic medical records.

The new patient experience is real-time, connected, and data-driven. Wellpepper enables health systems to deliver a better patient experience today.