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This Week in Health IT

Anne Weiler and Mike Van Snellenberg talk talk Machine Learning, Data Protection, Data Bias, Big Tech & Privacy with Bill Russell at This Week in Health IT.


This Week in Voice
This Week in Voice meets with Anne Weiler, CEO of Wellpepper, to talk Voice Assistants.

Voice Summit 2018

Alexa, how can you help me with my diabetes care? A panel with Wellpepper CEO, Anne Weiler, at Voice18.


Geekwire Health Tech Podcast
Wellpepper CEO, Anne Weiler, weighs in on Amazon’s ‘Haven’ healthcare joint venture with James Thorne of the Health Tech Podcast at Geekwire.


Voice First Healthcare
Teri Fisher, BSc, BEd, MSc, MD, CCFP (SEM), explores all facets of voice assistants in healthcare. In this episode he talks to us about the Alexa Diabetes Challenge.

Outcomes Rocket Podcast
Wellpepper CEO Anne Weiler talks with Saul Marquez about continuity of care and outcomes with the Outcomes Rocket podcast.


Anne Weiler

This Week In Health IT
Wellpepper CEO Anne Weiler talks with Bill Russell about all things startups and digital health, and how patient-generated data can help in the opioid crisis.

Patient Engagement Webinar
HIMSS Patient Engagement Expert Jan Oldenburg now available on-demand: “Patient Engagement: Creating Digital Programs that Work”.





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