Wellpepper Marketplace

The Wellpepper Marketplace offers health systems the choice of best practice care plan templates from leading health systems and Wellpepper’s out-of-the-box care plan templates. These turnkey solutions enable quick deployment of evidence-based and clinically-validated care plans to improve patient outcomes.

Wellpepper Marketplace enables health systems, payers, and pharma organizations to publish care plan templates so that other healthcare providers and their patients can use them and benefit from industry-leading best practices.

Trusted Interactive Care Plan Templates from Mayo Clinic

Wellpepper is proud to collaborate with Mayo Clinic in efforts to enable all healthcare providers access to Mayo Clinic’s trusted interactive care plans to use with your patients.

Interactive care plans from Mayo Clinic experts are available for the following conditions, with more to come:

  • Headache Management
  • ACL Surgery
  • COPD

“Mayo Clinic’s commitment to delivering patient-centered healthcare led to the creation of interactive care plans, leveraging our knowledge and expertise to support better patient outcomes. Working with Wellpepper and its platform allows us to share these care plans broadly with other health systems. This can ultimately help spread best practices to potentially benefit more patients than any one health care provider can do alone.”

– Steve Ommen, M.D., interim medical director, Mayo Clinic Global Business Solutions