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At Wellpepper, we’ve been surprised about the amount of effort physical therapists need to do to promote their services and profession. We’ve had great personal experiences with physical therapy ranging from sports injury recovery, chronic illness recovery and management, and pediatric developmental support. To us, it was a bit of a no-brainer that physical therapy works. The more time we spend with the community though, we realize there’s a lot more work to do. On that note, we’d like to highlight some great marketing of the profession that we’ve seen.

One of the most impressive is the award-winning campaign “Moving for Life” from the British Columbia Association of Physical Therapists. Here’s the television spot that was launched in 2011.

The campaign works for two reasons, it connects the general public to the profession and to what physical therapists can do for them, and it introduces physical therapists as professionals and people. The Facebook portion of the campaign shows physical therapists out enjoying all the wondrous nature that British Columbia has to offer, while providing tips for staying safe and fit during physical activity.

Why I Became a Physio

Why I Became a Physio from Physical Therapy Association of BC

We know that physical therapist are happy in their profession, but this campaign takes it one step further by introducing reasons why people are inspired to be physical therapists.

One caveat, of course, is that people in BC have direct access to physical therapists, so the customer for therapy is the consumer, not a doctor who is providing referrals. The campaign would probably look very different if it were aimed at convincing doctors to send therapy referrals. Also, with the abundance of nature and the resource-based economy, BC has a very active population who tend to be more familiar with the benefits of physical therapy and want to get back to work and play faster.

What great examples have you seen? What do you wish your local association was doing for you?

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  1. Jacquie Scarlett March 28, 2013

    A great blog post from Dr. Ben Fung : Consumer Awareness & Access to Physical Therapists.

  2. Rebecca Tunnacliffe April 2, 2013

    Thank you for your wonderful new app; it was drawn to our attention by one of our physiotherapists, Nick Lo of the Physio Room Clinic in Vancouver.
    Thanks too for the shout-out on our campaign. Not only are our members our poster children on our daily social media campaign (Facebook and Twitter) but all those in the TV ad are our members dressed up as patients. It is another way we demonstrate, even if as an inside joke, that physios are role models of active living.

    Rebecca Tunnacliffe, CEO of the Physiotherapy Association of BC @bcphysio

  3. Otisa12 April 5, 2013

    Hi, I was checking out this blog and I really admire the premise of the article and this is really informative. Thanks

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