In addition to surgical scenarios, use cases in Neurology include acute pain scenarios like pain management, or headache management, and

Pain Management

Wellpepper is used to track pain to help decrease the use of narcotics by increasing patient awareness making patients more aware of their pain scores and management techniques, and alerting care teams when patients are reporting potentially dangerous or out of acceptable ranges of pain levels or pain medication usage.
headache tracking

Headache Management

Wellpepper is used to track headache symptoms, solutions, and triggers to help patients improve self-management. Real-time patient-reported experiences also arm neurologists with data to better treat patients when they see them in person and decrease the need for emergency room visits.

Chronic Diseases

Tracking symptoms, medication adherence, and promoting activity and exercise can be helpful for chronic disease management, as can communicating regularly with a care provider, and in a private messaging group with others with the same disease. In a randomized control trial conducted by Boston University Center for Neurorehabilitation, Wellpepper was shown to improve outcomes for people with Parkinson Disease.