Digital Treatment Plans

Highly Engaging Patient-Facing Treatment Plans

Wellpepper is an enterprise platform for interactive patient treatment plans that drive over 70% patient engagement across all patient populations. Wellpepper supports any type of care plan for any service line. Like their medical records software or current paper delivery, health systems require one platform for any type of patient instructions, and Wellpepper is the scalable solution.

Wellpepper enables patients to self-manage and alerts the care team when they need help, which lowers costs of care and improves outcomes and ultimately patient satisfaction.

Deployment Options

There are three options to deploy care plans with Wellpepper:

Wellpepper Care Plan Templates: You can use Wellpepper’s pre-built templates for patient-facing care plans, and our professional services will help you configure them to suit your workflow. Basic capabilities like alerting and timing can be modified in our pre-build templates.

Mayo Clinic Care Plan Templates: We have partnered with Mayo Clinic to deliver their best practice templates on the Wellpepper platform. You can subscribe to these templates, and take advantage of Mayo Clinic best practices.

Your Custom Care Plan Templates: Our Professional Services team can help you implement a care plan template based on your own best practices, content, and workflow. Get in touch with Wellpepper Professional Services for an estimate.