Current Job Opening: Cloud Platform Developer

Cloud Platform Developer

We’re looking for a solid back-end systems developer to help us build and maintain our backend cloud-hosted systems. You’ll mostly be building new stuff using node.js. As a platform developer, you will be responsible for delivering a high-quality, testable, and highly-availability service that all of our client applications talk to, as well as the integration points with other services.  Since we are a healthcare software company, you should be an expert at secure development practices.


  • 4+ years experience shipping and maintaining cloud services (APIs, message-queue systems, databases, etc.)
  • Strong collaboration skills, ability to work well with a small distributed team
  • Experience with node.js and MongoDB, and deploying and operating services on AWS (EC2 etc)
  • You’re a die-hard unit-tester who is currently thinking about a black-box testing approach for Shrödinger’s cat
  • CS degree or equivalent experience

If you’re interested, email with your resume and a little bit about you.