Choosing the Best Clients to use Wellpepper

We’d like you to use Wellpepper with all your clients, however, we know that is not possible. Here are some things we know about clients that are good candidates for Wellpepper:

Technology Profile

Wellpepper Clinic Dashboard

  • Patients need access to a smart device. Either iOS or Android.
  • People who are already tracking things on their phones are often very excited to use Wellpepper


  • Honestly, we haven’t seen any differences in age. Wellpepper users range from late teens to over 85. Familiarity and usage of technology seems to be a bigger factor than age although we have had users that are completely new to technology.


  • The very best time to introduce Wellpepper is with new clients. Your long-term clients often already know their exercises. You’ll find that if you introduce Wellpepper as part of your overall treatment plan, you’ll get better client compliance. If your clients know you will be tracking them, they will do what you prescribe.
  • Another reason to introduce early is that in the first few weeks of a treatment or exercise program, clients often have more questions about whether they following the program correctly. Wellpepper enables them to be in touch with you for feedback and corrections without waiting for their next appointment to find out they’d been doing an exercise incorrectly.


  • Wellpepper is a great way to keep in touch with remote clients who can’t get to see you in person as often as you both would like. You can use it to check in with patients between visits.

Communication style

  • Have you noticed that some clients want to be in constant contact with you? Wellpepper lets them do that, but puts the control to respond in your own hands and doesn’t require you to give your clients your personal contact information.
  • For public health organizations, using Wellpepper is a great way to “discharge” patients from an active treatment program. They can still have contact but without in-person visits.

Chronic disease management

  • If you have clients who are trying to manage a chronic disease like Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, or diabetes, you know the best way to keep them well is to keep them moving. Wellpepper motivates them to complete their exercise programs through notifications and reminders and by always having their program with them.

We strongly believe that applications like Wellpepper represent the future of patient and client engagement, and will eventually be used with every type of person. For now, these are some ideas to get you started.

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