Wellpepper is attending the American Physical Therapy Association 2013 Combined Sessions Meeting. We’re having a great time, although are quite exhausted with all of the amazing sessions and people to talk to. When we catch our breath, we’ll blog a bit more about what we found, but for now here are some brief impressions.

  • People are very friendly. We know that PTs are the 3rd happiest profession in the US (behind clergy and firefighters), but we’ve been really impressed with how friendly and helpful everyone is here.
  • Healthcare is at a crossroads. There are a number of sessions on Lean PT and using Toyota’s lean imagemanufacturing principles to improve clinic performance. One we attended was an interactive session that had us mapping out all the steps when someone cancels an appointment and looking for ways to improve. Kaiser Permanente led a session where they talked about the coming disruption in healthcare, stressing that it doesn’t matter what the billing codes say, patient expectations of service have increased and while budgets have decreased so figuring out better ways to deliver care is paramount.
  • Technology can change lives. We’ve seen some pretty amazing exoskeletal ‘machines’ that are enabling spinal cord injury patients to walk around the show floor. How’s that for a demo?
  • There’s a lot of talk about holistic health, health promotion, and seeing the whole patient. Physical therapists are uniquely suited to look at the broader picture and participate in prevention, because that’s what they already do.
  • Behavior change is key to improving outcomes, but it’s not necessarily something that PTs are trained in or good at. How can we help change this?

Those are just some high-level impressions, we’ll have more detail over the next few days. One day left to learn more!

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