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Amar Brar

Amar is a 4th year student of Kinesiology at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada. He leads an active lifestyle and hopes to continue to pursue his education to become a physical therapist. He is interested in how the body works and blogs on fitness and exercise physiology.


Anne Weiler

Anne Weiler

Anne is the CEO and co-founder of Wellpepper. She runs, plays Ultimate Frisbee, does yoga, skis and more. She is passionate about the ability of technology to disrupt and provide better experiences in Healthcare.


Jacquie Scarlett

Jacquie Scarlett

Jacquie is the Director of Customer Experience at Wellpepper. She is a former NCAA athlete who spent her fair share of time in physical therapy. She loves technology, data, self-tracking, and helping customers see real benefits from using Wellpepper.



Kaila Holtz

Kaila Holtz

Kaila is a resident in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Prior to medical school she completed a Master’s degree in Kinesiology and represented Canada in softball at the 2004 Summer Olympics. She is passionate about helping others optimize their lifestyle through goal setting, making informed choices and tracking meaningful progress in new and innovative ways.


Lynda Bennet and Carey

Lynda Bennett and Carey

Lynda has become an expert in healthcare and a patient advocate, through her own experiences as a user of healthcare services. A long career in technology has made her passionate about technology’s ability to drive change.

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