The New Patient Experience

The new patient experience is real-time, connected, and it expands beyond the clinic. It’s personalized to the needs of each patient. It’s focused on outcomes, both clinical and those important to patients. It also has to be cost-effective, both for consumers and payers. Providing patients with tools to self-manage with remote support is a key factor in improving the patient experience, and ultimately outcomes.

Wellpepper enables healthcare systems to deliver highly actionable and engaging mobile treatment plans based on their own best practices and protocols, track outcomes in realtime and adjust to improve care. For patients, Wellpepper provides personalized treatment plans that are easy to understand and adhere to. Our platform delivers powerful analytics for healthcare organizations and awesome tools for end-users both patients and providers. We are passionate about the ability for technology to change healthcare.

Wellpepper is headquartered in Seattle, Washington.

Our Story

Co-founders Anne Weiler and Mike Van Snellenberg were inspired by personal experience to create Wellpepper. Anne experienced the frustration of lack of continuity of care when her mother was discharged after 6 months in a rehabilitaiton hospital with no instructions. Mike discovered missing and conflicting instructions and symptom warning lists, while caring for his father who was battling cancer.


Anne Weiler

CEO, co-founder

Anne Weiler, is CEO and co-founder of Wellpepper, a clinically-validated and award-winning platform for digital patient treatment plans. She co-founded Wellpepper in late 2012 with Mike Van Snellenberg to address issues in communication and continuity of care after a personal experience when her mother was released from 6 months in the hospital with no instructions and a month for a follow up visit. Anne’s expertise spans from concept to go-to-market for technology startups and established businesses. Prior to Wellpepper, Anne was VP of Marketing for iQMetrix, and Director of Product Management at Microsoft Corporation. She joined Microsoft in 2001 with the acquisition of Canadian web content management company Ncompass Labs.



Mike Van Snellenberg

CTO, co-founder

Mike Van Snellenberg, is CTO and co-founder of Wellpepper, a clinically-validated and award-winning platform for digital patient treatment plans. He co-founded Wellpepper in late 2012 with Anne Weiler. Mike’s personal experiences getting care for his young daughter, and his father’s recent battle with cancer convinced him that more could be done to bridge the clinic and home experience. At Wellpepper, Mike sets the technical direction and strategy, and leads the engineering team. Prior to Wellpepper, Mike’s experiences included professional services and product development. At Microsoft, Mike lead a multi-year cross-org partnership of over 50 people to extend Bing’s search technology to Windows, Windows Phone, and Xbox, yielding dramatic relevance gains. Mike also drove the telemetry, data-warehousing and analytics for Windows Server to help quantify customer usage and drive business investment decisions. He joined Microsoft in 2001 with the acquisition of with the acquisition of Canadian web content management company Ncompass Labs.



Yaeka Katsuta

Director of Customer Success

Yaeka is a customer success leader experienced in developing customer focused solutions and delivering value to clients.  Working with enterprise clients and with over 6 years in software development, Yaeka has shown expertise delivering large scale and complex projects. Yaeka also has built professional services teams skilled in partnering with customers that drive towards joint success. Prior to joining the tech sector, Yaeka had a successful career supporting non-profit organizations.

Yaeka is passionate about technology, developing engaging software solutions and business strategy. She will receive her Technology Management MBA from the University of Washington Foster School of Business in 2017.




Our Team

We’ve assembled a great team of developers, designers, and healthcare IT experts who  share our vision. Their backgrounds include electronic medical records development, business analytics, health informatics and information management, and consumer mobile applications.



Sarah Anderson, PT, DPT, Anderson & Cattone PT

Mark Gilbert, Vice President of Products at Hearsay Social

Keith Marton, MD, Executive in Residence, Health Management Academy

Bruce Rolfe, MD, Evergreen Health & Knee, Foot, and Ankle Center

Jon Roskill, CEO Acumatica

Birger Steen, CEO, Parallels