3 Health Conferences in 4 Weeks on Two Continents

healthtechconferenceHealth 2.0 Conference Europe 2013

Whew, three health conferences in 4 weeks is a lot. I’m just back from FutureMed 2013 and starting to pack for Health 2.0 Europe. Before I forget, here are a few impressions on HealthTech which Wellpepper CTO Mike and I attended in Mountainview, CA and FutureMed 2013 which Wellpepper Director of Customer Experience Jacquie and I attended in San Diego, both were a sunny respite from rainy Seattle autumn but as with most conferences, we spent a lot of time inside.

Both conferences were a collection of health professionals, investors, and technology companies (both health IT and biotech). HealthTech was a 1-day conference that featured panels debating a number of topics, while FutureMed was 4 days of panels, keynotes, sessions, and demos. Both were thought provoking, although HealthTech seemed to have quite a few more conflicting opinions (especially between investors and industry folks) while speakers and attendees at FutureMed2013 seemed more uniformly convinced that healthcare was headed towards a major disruption.

Both conferences had great food—it seems you can’t serve unhealthy food at a healthcare event. HealthTech had a “happy hour” while FutureMed had evening activities that sometimes took place in the bar but were presented as brainstorming, fun, and collaboration.

One heartening theme we heard at both conferences was that it’s time to put the caring back in health care. We concur!

HealthTech Conference Recap

FutureMed 2013 Conference Recap

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